(From March 2, 2001)
My First Attempt At Scanning Miniatures

(and one I'm not too happy with, I might add)

My wife Lisa painted this gunslinger
for a GURPS Old West game
that we have yet to play.

My yellow Paneuropean GEVs. Originally
intended to be tiger striped, I stopped with
yellow because I liked the way they looked.

Lisa's Aslan doctor from our old Traveller
campaign. This mini is actually a conversion
of a Ral Partha Planescape figure.

A gypsy, from Ral Partha's
Ravenloft line. He's seen a
good deal of use, none of it
as a gypsy.

Lisa's thief, Somerset, from our
old AD&D campaign. This is
her "nice clothes" figure.

A Mithril mini, Turin from
the Silmarillion, I believe.

Another of Lisa's minis, this is
her Planescape ubermunchkin
Tiefling Ranger, who saved
our butts on many occasions.